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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Treasuries I'm featured in up until now!

Hat for children with cancer!

I'm trying to raise money to buy supplies so I can crochet as many hats as possible for children with cancer by Christmas! I have listings on my Etsy website to donate here...

$10 donation listing

$5 donation listing

Also I'm donating 10% of all sales from now until the end of September to buying supplies for making these hats!

I've raised $28 so far! I'd like to raise $100 by the end of September!

I know we can do it! These children are going through so much and I'm sure they would love to have something cute and stylish to wear in the absence of their hair!

I'm getting together as many people from my church and community as I can to help me crochet or knit these hats! My goal is that no two hats are exactly the same, we all like to have our own unique things and I want these children to know we care and that we made their hat just for them!

Please Help me help these children!

I'm also taking donations of yarn for those of you who are local! Anything helps!

Any money left that we are not able to make hats with will be donated to Dorenbecker Children's Hospital!

We will hopefully be delivering the hats on Christmas Eve to these lovely children at Dorenbecker Children's Hospital!