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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Item In My Shop!

I have a new item in my shop made especially for the winter season! Baby Legwarmers! They are so cute and comfy! You have to see these little things! And that is why I've decided to write about them and show you all pictures! I got my daughter to model the leg warmers and the hat that matches them, they will make an adorable set this winter to help keep your little one warm!

Leg warmers can be worn by baby girls or baby boys! All  we have to do is make them in a color that is appropriate for the gender! And the hat can go either way as well!

These will make an awesome baby shower gift, or a gift for a new mom this Christmas! I'm so excited about this new product and I hope you are too! I'd love some feedback on these sweet little things!

Baby Leg warmers
Baby Beanie

baby leg warmers and baby beanie

Thanks so much for looking!

You can find these and so much more at: