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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Wonderful Sister Mary!

Since I opened my shop I've been (like all crafters who sell online) trying to perfect my photography without having to pay someone to do it for me. I make all sorts of things, but most of them are wearables so I need a model. My dear lil sis has been modeling for me for almost a year now! I have a couple other people who have stepped in when she was not available, but she has been there for me from the start!

I want to take some time here to show my appreciation for her ( and my other models) and give her some credit for my photo's! One thing you all should know is that we live in WA state. We have a lot of days that are great for taking pics because it's overcast! And most days when it looks nice and warm in the pictures it's actually really cold and pretty windy. So Mary has put up with a lot for  me!

She has literally done pictures on warm sunny days, cold windy days, slightly rainy days and just plain cold days! We always have a good time though, here are some pictures to give you an idea of how much fun we have!

This one does not look comfortable!
Mother Mary. :-)
Oh yeah!
Pirate Diva!
Sometimes a girl gets hungry!

She is a great model!
Getting more artistic
Sometimes she got bored while I was trying to be artistic.
Molly (Mary's dog) was helping us
We had lots of fun!
She was not very happy with her outfit here
So cute!

Thanks Mary for being a super fun and patient model!

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  1. So sweet..."Thanks little sis!!" Don't we all need an unconditional supporter like that with our creativity?!!!

    Lovely post...
    Dragonfly Expression :o)

  2. Thanks Chantal, I believe we all do need that! she has supported me more than anyone! She's always handing out business cards for me!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to a pair of darling sisters! I really enjoyed this post and the photos Rebecca!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hahahaa!!!
    I love this post, and I love that you have found such a wonderful model!! Great job!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like my post! I do really appreciate all she does for me.

  6. She's such a cute model! My favorite photo is of the fabulous pirate patch, of course. ;D

  7. lol thats one of my favorites too aquariann!